Character Expression Meme

The Character Expression Meme

Character: Veronica Santangelo
Journal: sciencepunching/snarkingscribe
RPG: trans_9/thisaccident

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

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Character's name: Veronica Santangelo and Rex the Cyberdog
Character's LJ: sciencepunching and snarkingscribe
Character's canon: Fallout: New Vegas

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:
Veronica is an intelligent yet eccentric person - she has a lot of interesting ideas on how things should be done, but lacks anyone who will listen to her due to being raised in a highly xenophobic society known as the Brotherhood of Steel, who are very set in their long-running isolationist ways of hoarding technology from the past and keeping it from normal people. Veronica is thus an outcast among them for her views. She's quite loyal to the people she grew up with, and a majority of the Brotherhood's core beliefs, but feels their current course of action is leading them to ruin - she feels they should change their isolationism to cooperate more with the outside world, finding non-violent technology that would help the world as a whole and share it with normal people. As such, she is generally shunned and disregarded by a lot of them - often sent out on long resource-gathering missions to keep her out of the higher-ups' hair, and to keep her opinions from spreading dissent.

This loneliness and distance from her group has made her a bit jaded, but only served to reinforce her resolve in regards to her thoughts concerning the Brotherhood's direction. To cope with it, however, she's taken on a rather peculiar sense of humor, which is often lined with bitterness. Often, she'll make sarcastic remarks at the Courier (the player's character) in-game, ("You're making me carry the heavy stuff, aren't you?" when you prompt her to trade, or "Just when the standing around was getting exciting" when prompting her to follow after having her wait.) both about things the Courier says and events witnessed. Despite this jaded nature, she remains optimistic that things could eventually change - her naivete seemed to make it through okay, evidenced by wanting to make one last push--with the Courier's help--to convince the Brotherhood's elder that they need to change direction.

Veronica also holds a healthy desire for knowledge - given that the Brotherhood's primary goal is acquisition of various pre-war technology, she loves to find old tech, take it apart, learn how it works, and find good ways to put it to use - even if her fellow Brotherhood members do not agree with said ideas. Veronica's way of forward thinking was instilled by her mentor, and the former Elder of her Brotherhood chapter, Father Elijah - who eventually came to be too obsessed with technology, foregoing the safety and lives of his subordinates in an attempt to capture a solar power plant, and then abandoning them once that failed. Thankfully, his negative traits did not get passed on to Veronica.

She also has an odd fascination with acquiring and wearing a nice dress - enough that should the Courier bring her one, she'll gratefully teach them a special unarmed technique as thanks.


Rex is a pretty simple dog - loyal to his master, attacks anything that attscks them, though he hates rats and will ignore all commands to chase after a rat instead, should one be encountered. He also dislikes hats and the people who wear them, usually growling at them threateningly. If they prove themselves to be trustworthy, however, Rex will get over their hat-wearing.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline:

Veronica's formative years were spent in the Brotherhood of Steel in California, as she was born into it. Her father was a Paladin of the order, her mother a Scribe, though both died in her youth during a battle, defending a place that Veronica cannot recall the name or importance of. At some other point after that, she fell in love with another woman in the Brotherhood, though the other broke it off eventually. Unknown to Veronica, this was orchestrated by her mentor in the interest of procreation: as the organization does not allow outsiders to join, procreation is the only way they can further their numbers.

Some years before meeting the Courier, but after her separation from Christine, Veronica's chapter of the Brotherhood moves from California to Nevada - they attempt and fail to recover a solar power station - HELIOS One, losing it to the ruling government/military, the New California Republic (The NCR). Once they failed to capture it, Elijah abandoned the Brotherhood, leaving Veronica alone - the girl she'd been involved with was back in California, and Elijah was her mentor - he'd been out to find generally beneficial technology, not just weaponry. He wanted to use it to get on the good side of the locals - attract new recruits, otherwise their oranization would die in a few generations. This ideal stuck with Veronica, who found herself at odds with Nolan McNamara, the new Elder who was quick to go back to the Brotherhood's usual habits of isolation and scrounging. He grew tired of hearing Veronica's continual spouting of the ideals she'd learned from Elijah, and fearing that she would spread dissent, started sending her on scouting missions to recover food and other supplies for the bunker they'd sequestered away in.

On one of these runs, she met the Courier, and after a short discussion, decided to follow the Courier a while. Their travels convinced Veronica that she needed to try again in trying to convince Elder McNamara about her viewpoints. Upon trying again - and failing again - she convinced the Courier to assist her in finding some technology or information to use to help plead her case. The pair uncovered some farming technology that could help turn agricultural situations in the Mojave Wasteland around, but Elder McNamara was not convinced. Veronica questioned the Courier as to if she should stay with the Brotherhood, given her dissonant views - The Courier told her that she should choose for herself. Veronica opted to stay, as while she may clash with them, they're the closest thing to family she has.

After this, she continued to travel on-and-off with the Courier as they went around the Mojave, getting various smaller groups to work with the NCR in an upcoming pivotal battle at Hoover Dam between the NCR, and another group vying for control of the Mojave, the Legion. The Courier, with Veronica's help was even able to convince the Brotherhood to lend a hand, despite the immense bad blood between the NCR and the Brotherhood due to what happened at HELIOS One. In the process of doing this, the Courier brought peace between the NCR and a rather large local gang in New Vegas - The Kings. This led to a request from their leader, The King - to see if his pet cyberdog Rex could be healed. The dog was in need of a new brain, as his current one was deteriorating. The Courier and Veronica worked to both find a person who could perform the transplant, and acquired the brain needed for it, granting the Courier and Veronica another companion in Rex.

There were some times where the Courier departed from Veronica and Rex to do things on her own - one of these instances involved following a radio signal to an abandoned Pre-War casino - The Sierra Madre - and getting captured and for lack of a better word, enslaved by Father Elijah to do his bidding. Elijah wanted access to the Sierra Madre and the treasure trove of pre-war technology inside. The Courier did enough of the work needed to get out alive, and found a message from Elijah to Veronica. The Courier delivered this information to Veronica, allowing her to get some degree of closure on the departure of her mentor, rough as it was.

There were a number of other misadventures Veronica went on with the Courier, but none were especially noteworthy in regards to Veronica or Rex. She and Rex are taken from a short time before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam (The endgame sequence), en route to the dam to let the NCR know that all their grunt work assigned to the Courier has been wrapped up.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue): - Joined in on another person's post.

If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of the ship or may need to be limited somehow:

No powers, but Veronica has a suit of power armor, a laser rifle, and an assortment of glove weapons for fighting with.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here): VERONICA IS REALLY GOOD AT PUNCHING THINGS. Like, really damn good. Also good at building and fixing things. If you can provide her with plans and access to materials, she could probably build it. If you give her a piece of tech, she'll take it apart, learn how it works, and put it back together. Veronica can assist with building things and repairs in the field, saving the need to find a workbench or workshop. She's also rather good at the use of energy weaponry, though she much prefers to get up close and personal. (At being told to do ranged combat, she asks the Courier "Does it count as ranged if I throw myself at the enemy and punch them?") Veronica also has good hacking skill - at least, for the computers of her world. Despite being in the far-off future to us, the technology there is rather retro, and thus, she would need some time and practice to adjust to hacking things on Stacy.

Rex, being a dog, just tackles, claws, and bites in regards to combat - he can knock down an average person with a well-aimed tackle, given his increased weight due to his cybernetic components. He's a good spotter, though, able to find things a human would miss.